PRIVATE Autograph Signing SEND IN/ORDER ONLY Boston Red Sox JD Martinez August 2018

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All Star Boston Red Sox

JD Martinez

SEND IN/ORDER ONLY  Private Autograph Signing

MAIL IN ORDERS BY: All Items Must be received by NOON Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

at the following address:
New England Picture, Attn: Anna Larson
491 E. Industrial Park Drive #B, Manchester, NH 03109

For Mail-in questions please call Anna at (603) 236-6263 or email

The signing may not be taking place on the exact date the items are due.  Items will be returned as soon as they are signed and packaged at our warehouse for return shipping.  Please make sure to purchase the return shipping option if you are having an item shipped back to you for a flat fee of $20.  This expedites return shipping if we do not need to contact you for return shipping payment.

Thank You!
Shipping charges will be assessed separately for items to be mailed back to you.  Please contact Anna Larson for details.


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