New England Picture

Headquarters located in Manchester, NH, at New England Picture, our mission is to provide a high quality product that is modestly priced. We pride ourselves by manufacturing our frames to the highest standards from genuine hardwood moldings, economy priced polystyrene and recycled Treehugger Frame™.

New England Picture was founded in 1992. The chain of specialty retail stores, New England Picture, is in the center of major malls, with a strong focus on producing custom frames for sports photography.

With the growth of the company we now occupy a 12,000 square foot facility where our manufacturing takes place. We have a highly qualified staff of over 50 people who are dedicated to producing and serving our customers.

New England Picture uses the most state of the art computerized machinery to produce their products including laser engraver, mat cutter and frame joiner.

New England Picture hosts celebrity autograph sports events with New England pro athletes allowing customers to have sports memorabilia hand signed by their favorite athletes. We have held exclusive contracts with Boston Red Sox stars Jason Varitek (2007-2008), JD Drew (2007), Justin Masterson (2008), Mike Lowell (2008) and the Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo (2008-2009).

Past Signings:

Brock Holt (2015), David Ortiz (2015), Paul Pierce (2015), Rob Gronkowski (2015), Robert Parrish (2015), Rob Ninkovich(2015), Jamie Collins (2015), Kevin Garnett (2015)

Tedy Bruschi (2016), Shaquille O'Neal (2016),Mookie Betts (2016), Malcolm Butler (2016), Magic Johnson (2016), Larry Bird (2016), Peyton Manning (2016), Dion Lewis (2016), Hulk Hogan (2016), Nomar Garciaparra (2016), Adam Vinatieri (2016), Drew Bledsoe (2016), Dustin Pedroia (2016), Jason Varitek (2016), Manny Ramirez (2016), Xander Bogaerts (2016), Al Horford (2016), Brian Scalabrine (2016), Dominique Wilkins (2016), Kevin McHale (2016), Magic Johnson (2016), Robert Parish (2016), Stan Jonathan (2016), Terry O'Reilly (2016)

Isaiah Thomas (2017), Tom Brady (2017), LeGarrette Blount (2017), Bobby Orr (2017), Malcolm Mitchell (2017), James White (2017), Dont'a Hightower (2017), Chris Hogan (2017), Jason Varitek (2017), Paul Pierce (2017), Dustin Pedroia (2017), David Ortiz (2017),Bo Jackson (2017), Bradin Cooks (2017), Danny Amendola (2017), Kyle Van Noy (2017), Malcolm Butler (2017), Jaylen Brown (2017), Marcus Smart (2017), Brad Marchand (2017), Brandon Carlo (2017), Jack Eichel (2017),

Tedy Bruschi (2018), Tom Brady (2018), Joe Kelly (2018), Chris Sale (2018), Julian Edelman (2018), JD Martinez (2018), Josh Gordon (2018), Marcus Smart (2018), Paul Pierce (2018), Gordon Hayward (2018), Steve Pearce (2018), Larry Bird (2018), Bobby Orr (2018), Rafael Devers (2018), Deion Branch (2018), David Patten (2018), Lawyer Milloy (2018), Christian Fauria (2018), Ben Coates (2018), Willie McGinest (2018), Jayson Tatum (2018), Meghan Duggan (2018), Zdeno Chara (2018)

 Bobby Orr (2019), Sony Michel (2019), James Develin (2019), Tom Brady (2019), Paul Pierce (2019), James White (2019), Kyle Van Noy (2019), Stephon Gilmore (2019), Rob Gronkowski (2019), Chris Sale(2019), Michael Chavis(2019),Dont'a Hightower (2019), Patrick Chung (2019), John Simon (2019), Julian Edelman (2019), Gerry Cheevers (2019), Devin McCourty (2019), Jason McCourty (2019), Stephen Gostkowski (2019), Brad Marchand (2019), Patrice Bergeron (2019), JD Martinez (2019), Jason Varitek (2019),   


New England Picture is involved with many charities including The Ted Williams Museum, New England Arthritis Foundation, The Jimmy Fund, Make-A-Wish and a host of others.

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