PRIVATE Autograph Signing SEND IN/MAIL IN Boston Red Sox David Ortiz & Pedro Martinez June 2020


PRIVATE Autograph Signing

Boston Red Sox
DAVID ORTIZ  "BIG PAPI" and Pedro Martinez


$249 Flats up to 16x20(not canvas) & Baseballs 

$299 Premium Photos over 16x20(or any canvas),equipment,Bats,Jerseys,etc. Inscriptions (only approved inscriptions):
 $79 Big Papi, 541 Hr's, 13 WS MVP, 3X WS Champ, Personalization(To Joe)

$99 Inscription- This is our f'n city

$169 Flats up to 16x20(not canvas) & Baseballs 
$199 Premium Photos over 16x20(or any canvas),equipment,Bats,Jerseys,etc. 
$49 Inscriptions (3-4 words)

 NO inscriptions on previously signed items. NO GAME USED inscriptions.
Artwork must be approved and price TBD,agreed on rate

MAIL IN ORDERS BY: All Items Must be received by  NOON Friday, June 5th at the following address:
New England Picture, Attn: Anna Larson
491 E. Industrial Park Drive Unit B, Manchester, NH 03109

Mail In Process:

Step 1: Place your order online for your autograph tickets and blank product if needed. Please remember to also purchase return shipping when placing your order. You may also include your own prepaid return postage, however it must include tracking. We also offer free pick up at any of our mall locations. If you wish to use this option, please make a note when sending in your items as to which mall you would like your item(s) sent to. Mall locations can be found on our home page.

Step 2: When mailing in your item(s) please include your online order, a note with suggested color/location of the autograph. As well as contact information on how you can be reached

-Mail In Address:

New England Picture

Attn: Anna Larson

491 E Industrial Park Drive, Unit B

Manchester, NH 03109

-Not all requests can be guaranteed. Although we make every effort to comply with your specific request(s) as to pen color,pen type,signature location, etc. we cannot guarantee them.
-We will do our best to have your item(s) signed by the requested autograph guest(s), however, all guests reserve the right to refuse to sign any item for any reason
-There is no guarantee as to the quality ,size, or grade of the signature and/or inscription from the Athlete.

-New England Picture reserves the right to use our best judgement for any details not provided by the customer.
-When to expect your item(s) back: We typically get items sent out to customers within 2-3 business days from the signing date. In rare occasions if the signing takes place out of state, processing time will vary depending on location.

-For further Questions/Details please contact (603) 236-6263 or

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