PUBLIC Autograph Signing Patriot Phillip Dorsett May 27th, 2019


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Autograph Signing with New England Patriot


MAX 1 Inscription per item. NO GAME USED INSCRIPTIONS
 Athlete will not add inscription to previously signed item
MAIL IN ORDERS BY: All Items Must be received by  NOON Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 at the following address:
New England Picture, Attn: Anna Larson
491 E. Industrial Park Drive Unit B, Manchester, NH 03109

For Mail-in questions please call Anna at (603) 236-6263

New England Picture reserves the right to use our best judgement for any details not provided.
There is no guarantee as to the quality, size, or grade of the signature and/or inscription from the Athlete.
Not all requests can be guaranteed.
Although we make every effort to comply with your specific request(s) as to pen color,pen type, signature location, etc. we cannot guarantee them.
We strongly recommend that you package your item(s) securely before shipping.
If your order is not placed online, or a note is not included with contact information in your package your order may not be processed.

All mail-in items are sent at the customer’s risk. If you include your own prepaid return shipping please make sure to include return tracking.
Players reserve the right to reject any item and/or inscription.

You will receive an order confirmation in your email. 
The signing may not be taking place on the exact date the items are due.
 Items will be returned as soon as they are signed and packaged at our warehouse for return shipping.  

Thank You!
Shipping charges will be assessed separately for items to be mailed back to you.  Please contact Anna Larson for details.

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