Athlete Signing FAQ

1) What is the difference between a premium and regular or flat ticket?

A regular ticket is for an autograph on a photo 16x20 or smaller (8x10) , mini-helmets or pucks. Premium tickets are for photos larger than 16x20, jereseys, helmets, footballs, bats, any odd-ball items, etc.  Please read the ticket descriptions carefully when purchasing, as the items per ticket can vary per athlete and per signing.

2) What is an inscription?

An inscription is additional text to accompany your autograph purchase.  This is an extra charge and would consist of the athlete adding extra words, for example "To John," "Hall of fame 2005", or "MVP 2007" An inscription limits you to 3-4 max words.  Inscriptions are not always available for every player.

3) Do I have to bring an item to get signed?

No, we sell items at the show and there is usually a mix of merchandise to choose from ranging from 8x10 and 16x20 photos, mini-helmets, balls, pucks.When purchasing a ticket please confirm what you are getting signed and make sure that we are selling the item you are looking for.  You are allowed to bring your own item to be signed, but please read through the ticket options to make sure you purchase the correct autograph ticket.  Merchandise for the signing can be purchased before or at the signing.  Some items have limited quantity.

4) Can I get more than one autograph with one autograph ticket? 

One ticket purchased equals one item autographed.  The athlete will only autograph one signature on one item if you buy one ticket, no exceptions. Do not bring any extra items without a ticket.

5) How can I place an order for an autograph ticket?

Go to for ordering online and a complete listing of our retail locations, or you can call Eric Slichko directly at 603-818-2007. You can also purchase tickets at our retail locations listed on our website.  As long as the event has not been declared/listed as sold out, you can buy tickets the day of the show at the venue where the signing is taking place.  Tickets are numbered from the time of purchase, not time of pick up, so the earlier you order your tickets, the closer to the front of the line you will be the day of the signing.

6) Can I buy another ticket at the event?

Yes, unless otherwise noted that the event is sold out

7) When should I show up at the event?

We recommend at least 1-2 hour before the scheduled time of the event. It is easier to get there early before the lines to pick up the ticket. Then relax and grab something to eat, or hang out. You should absolutely, show up at least 30 minutes to pick up tickets and merchandise, please have confirmation of the ticket purchase and photo I.D. If buying the day of the show. Please go to our website for ordering online and a complete listing of our retail locations. Or call Eric at 603-818-2007 to order over the phone.

8) Do I just get in line?

We will give you a numbered ticket on the day of the event and call your number when it is your time. You do not get a ticket to the event until the day of the show. You will get 1 ticket per autograph bought. You do have to wait in line but only for brief moment when your number is called. We will have signs posted where to go and we make announcements during the event. Normally we line up people in groups of 10 or 25 right before the event starts. If you have bought multiple tickets you get in line with lowest number. You do not have to get in line twice.

9) Can I (or a friend) take a picture with the athlete?

This depends on the athlete or how many people are expected at the event. A quick photo in front of the athlete table is sometimes accepted, but not guaranteed. We do not necessarily know until the day of the appearance. Sometimes we have to scale back picture taking to get everyone through the line, so everyone has the chance to meet the player.  This is done for the last person in line, who we want to have as great an experience as the first person in line. Please be reasonable in your expectations. We can not retake pictures if they do not turn out well.

10) Can I bring friends?

We recommend bringing only one person. You only get one autograph per ticket no exceptions.

11) What is a hologram?

You will get a paper C.O.A. (Certificate of Authenticity) with each autograph ticket, but the hologram goes one step further.  Each hologram has its own identification number that documents who autographed the item, what item was signed, and when it was signed.  Also, each hologram is tamperproof.  The hologram is placed directly on the item after it is autographed.

12) Can I get this framed at the show?

We normally frame 8x10s at the show, but due to the facility and set up, we occasionally are unable to offer framing at the show.  We frame anything larger than 8x10 at our headquarters.  It will take 2 weeks for the framing to get done and will get delivered to one of our retail locations and we will call to have it picked up.  Shipping of the item back to you is available but is not included in the price, it is sold separately.

13) What if I can't make it to the event.

You are required to tell us as soon as you know, so we can document it and keep the order separate. At almost every show, we have customers who will not be there, so getting the item signed is not a problem. Please allow two weeks to delivery at one of our retail locations or pick up at our warehouse in Manchester, NH.  We will call you when it is delivered there.

14) Can I buy an upgrade to a premium at the show?

Yes, if you buy a regular ticket and you want a jersey to get signed you will have to upgrade. The athlete will not sign a premium item, if you bought a regular ticket.  This is an easy on the day of the signing, or you can contact Eric if you feel you have purchased the incorrect ticket type.

15) Can I mail in an item, if I can't attend?

Yes, of course, but you have to pay for the autograph and tell us you will not attend.  Shipping is calculated separately, so please let Eric or Anna know if you will be requesting the item to be shipped back to you after it is signed.

15) What is a Public vs Private signing.

Public signings happen where you can meet the player face to face and have something autographed.  A private signing is done at an undisclosed location and you can place an order through our website, store, or call Eric directly at 603-818-2007.  At a private signing no one can meet the athlete other than our staff, the autograph agent and any 3rd party authenticator. The autographed items from the private signing get distributed back to our customers within approximately 2 weeks.

16) How can i keep up to date with all of your signings?

You can either sign up at one of our retail locations, on our website at , or by texting on your phone 22828 and writing in the message NEP

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