For the founders of New England Picture, the business has always been about the customer. The direction of the business has expanded and evolved based on customer demand, and customer service is the most important aspect of any team member’s job. No matter where you live, for the team at New England picture you are a “neighbor in sports”, and you will always be treated with the respect and courtesy of a friend and neighbor.


New England Picture was founded in 1989 by three entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity in offering the beauty of New England’s scenic landscapes through expertly shot and mounted panoramic photos. Framed elegantly with a large selection of art, their customer base quickly grew from art collectors and decorators to local sports fans. Soon after, they responded to the requests of their customers to expand their product line to include sports photography, and eventually autographed photos of Boston’s best local athletes.

In 2004, the team at New England Picture cheered as their beloved Red Sox finally won their first World Series in 86 years. With two New England Patriots’ championships, and historically significant players from both the Boston Celtics and Bruins in demand, the entrepreneurs knew that it was time to transform their business. They purchased a warehouse location in Manchester, NH and expanded their business to include custom framing services as well as new types of sports memorabilia, including autographed balls, clothing and equipment. 

Today, New England Picture works with all of New England’s professional sports teams, as well as with athletes from outside the region, to provide collectors with top quality memorabilia that is expertly and custom framed for display. From professional collectors to local businesses, they offer their framed and autographed sports memorabilia at retail locations in the South Shore Plaza (Braintree, MA), Burlington Mall (Burlington, MA), Pheasant Lane Mall (Nashua, NH) and the Mall of New Hampshire (Manchester NH), as well as at private showings at their Manchester, NH headquarters. New England Picture can also be found at industry events like the Aleppo Shriner’s Sports Card & Memorabilia Show and are proud to work with organizations like the Ted Williams Museum, who preserve the region’s sports legacy.

REFUND POLICY: Signing Events

Attending/Mail In Event Signing:
A full refund will only be granted if a request is made prior to the public signing date/mail in due date, and a valid receipt is present. Any requests made after the public signing date/mail in due date will not be accepted, and no refund will be given.

Disclosure Statement: New England Picture reserves the right to use our best judgement for any details not provided by the customer. Not all requests can be guaranteed. Although we make every effort to comply with your specific request(s) as to pen color, pen type, signature location, etc. we cannot guarantee them. There is no guarantee as to the quality ,size, or grade of the signature and/or inscription from the Athlete. We will do our best to have your item(s) signed by the requested autograph guest(s), however, all guests reserve the right to refuse to sign any item for any reason. No inscriptions may be added to an item without the signature. (Purchased separately.) Photo Op(s) In order to avoid any patron being upset we like to point out that you are not buying a “conversation” with the athlete. The PHOTO OP lasts less than 15 seconds.