Frequently Asked Questions


“Do you authenticate signatures?”

No, New England Picture is not an authenticator. We recommend using James Spence Authentication(JSA).  Their website can be found here.  We bring JSA to our locations a couple of times a year as a service for our customers to bring in items to have authenticated.


“I have an autographed item, would you be interested in purchasing it?”

New England Picture does not purchase secondhand autographs.


“I have an autographed item, how much is it worth?

We are not an appraiser. We cannot offer you a professional opinion on the value of any personally owned items.



Autograph Signing FAQ’s


“Can I attend a Private Signing?”

Customers CANNOT attend private signings. Customer can send in items to be signed, or buy blank product from our website to be signed.


“Can I attend or mail in items for a Public Signing?”

Public signings are open for customers to attend in person. However, if you cannot attend in person and wish to still get an item signed you can do our mail in option.


“Can I purchase just an inscription ticket?”

No- all inscription tickets must be accompanied by an autograph ticket as well.


“Do autographs come with Photo Op Tickets?”

No- photo op tickets are only for a photo to be taken with the player, with a camera/phone that you supply. If you wish to have something signed by the player as well, you must purchase an autograph ticket as well.


“Do autographs come with the blank product I bought?”

Autographs do NOT come with blank product for signings. If you wish to have something signed you must also purchase an autograph ticket to go with your blank items


“I bought an autograph ticket, does that include the item to be signed?”

No- Autograph tickets are only for autographs only. You must supply the item to be signed. If you do not have something to be signed, we offer blank product for purchase as well.


“When can I expect to receive my mail in item back?”

We typically get item(s) sent out to customers or malls for pick up within 2-3 business days from the signing date. In rare occasions if the signing takes place out of state, processing time will vary depending on the location.


“When will my mail in item be back at the mall for pick up?”

Our mall deliveries are on Thursdays of each week. Depending what day the signing fell on, items will typically be sent back to the mall for pick up the following Thursday. Once the mall has your item, they will contact you for pick up.


“Do I have to ship my mail in item in, or can I  drop it off at a mall store?”

Customers may ship items in direct to our warehouse for mail ins, all items must be received by the designated mail in due date for the warehouse. You may also chose to drop off your mail in item at one of our mall locations as well. All mall mail in drop off items, must be delivered to the mall by the designated mall drop off due date.


“What mall locations do you have?”

We have store locations at: The Mall of NH in Manchester, NH- The Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, NH- The Burlington Mall in Burlington, MA- South Shore Plaza Mall in Braintree, MA


“If I am sending in a mail in item, do I need to supply return shipping?”

Customers have several ways to receive their mail in items back. 1- Purchase the appropriate return shipping option under the signing page. 2- Supply your own prepaid return package/label. 3- Elect to pick up your item at one of our mall locations FREE of charge.


“I bought tickets to attend a Public show, will I get my tickets in the mail?”

No- Tickets bought online, as well as blank product will not be shipped out. All attending tickets, and blank product will be picked up by the customer the day of the show.


“I bought tickets for a public show, and cannot attend. Can someone else pick up my tickets for me?”

Yes- If you can no longer attend the public signing, simply email and supply the name of the person who will be present to pick up your tickets.


“When mailing in a signing item, what do I need to include?”

Under each signing page at the top there will be a “Mail In” form link. Please print and fill out the form to send in with your item, along with a copy of your online order. If you cannot print the form, please include a note with the suggested color, location of where you would like your item signed.

“Did you ship to Canada” no we only ship within the US we do not ship to Canada



Process for attending a Public Signing

Should I pre-buy tickets to attend a signing. We always suggest that customers pre-buy autograph tickets for a few reasons. The sooner you buy tickets, the lower ticket number you will have the day of event. This will also speed up your process the day of. In some cases we do have a limited number of tickets for sale, and pre buying will secure your ticket.

Online ticket sales will be turned off for public signings either the night before, or the morning of the event. Tickets will still be available for purchase at the door unless noted otherwise.

How early should I get to a public signing for? If you have pre-bought tickets we suggest getting to the show about 30-45 minutes early. If you have not bought tickets ahead of time, we suggest getting to show about 1 hour early, to purchase tickets.

If a customer pre-brought tickets either online or at a mall store, please proceed to ticket pick up the day of the event to pick up your tickets. Tickets are not mailed out to you. Please have a photo ID and a copy of your order to show at ticket pick up.

I pre-brought blank product- blank product is not mailed out ahead of time. Once you pick up your tickets, proceed to the merchandise table, show them a copy of your order and they will hand you your merchandise.

Show starts: If photo ops are available, we will line up customers by ticket numbers starting with the lowest number first. Customers supply the phone or camera for the photo op tickets. Please make sure to have your camera ready when you get to the front of the line, as well as your ticket out. Photo op customers will proceed through the line and get their photo ops. Once the photo ops are completed, we will then line up customers for autograph tickets with the lowest number first.

Please make sure to have your tickets out, and merchandise out of the packaging prior to reaching the front of the line. If you purchased an inscription along with your autograph, please make sure you know ahead of time what you would like for the inscription.

Holograms/Framing:  If you purchased a hologram to go on your item, please proceed to the hologram table after your item is signed to have a hologram placed on your item. If you bought framing for an 8×10 photo, we will do framing at the signing after your item is signed. If you purchased framing for a 16×20 or jersey, this framing cannot be done after your item is signed at the event. Your item will be collected and sent back to our main headquarters to be framed.


Refund policy for Signings (Public/Private)

A full refund will only be granted if a request is made prior to the public signing date/mail in due date, and a valid receipt is present. Any requests made after the public signing date/mail in due date will not be accepted, and no refund will be given.

Signing Events Disclosure

New England Picture reserves the right to use our best judgement for any details not provided by the customer for mail in items. Not all requests can be guaranteed. Although we make every effort to comply with your specific request(s) as to pen color, pen type, signature location, etc. we cannot guarantee them. There is no guarantee as to the quality ,size, or grade of the signature and/or inscription from the Athlete. We will do our best to have your item(s) signed by the requested autograph guest(s), however, all guests reserve the right to refuse to sign any item for any reason.  Photo Op(s) In order to avoid any patron being upset we like to point out that you are not buying a “conversation” with the athlete. The PHOTO OP lasts less than 15 seconds.